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Staff Testimonial

"I had PRK surgery November 2013. I decided to have refractive surgery because I had worn contact lenses for many years, and wanted the freedom of clear vision all the time. My PRK procedure went great and the staff at TLC was excellent. First, I went to TLC for my initial consultation. They performed different tests on my eyes, and after thoroughly reviewing my results, decided that I was a candidate for PRK instead of LASIK. Initially, I was a little afraid of having PRK instead of LASIK. Dr Wexler and his staff discussed the proceudre with me in detail and made me feel very comfortable with my decision to go ahead with the surgery. On surgery day, I saw a few patients come right out of surgery with big smiles on their faces. I knew ther procedures had gone well. When I stepped in the room for my PRK, the staff was waiting for me with smiles on their faces. The procedure was completely painless and very quick. The staff was so caring and made me feel so comfortable during the surgery. I followed up with TLC several times after my PRK to make sure my eyes were healing properly. Today, I have excellent vision. My favorite part of having great vision is watching TV at night time without having the dryness and discomfort of having my contacts or sacrificing not being able to see without my contacts. Overall, my experience was wonderful and I would recommend a consultation to anyone who would like to see without glasses or contacts."