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Zig Eyewear

Zig Eyewear

The Zig Eyewear Brand brings eyewear to a new level of style and fashion. Designed by the renowned artist Cendrine Obadia, a French-Canadian artist with over 20 years of experience in the eyewear industry, the brand has two collections, Ziggy and The Jean Reno Collection, each with its own defining inspiration.

Ziggy frames are created in a variety of bright colors (each frame has at least two) and intricate details, making this collection truly unique and one of a kind. The line is fun and colorful with designs ranging from whimsical and ornate to dimensional and industrial. Cendrine truly has an eye for beauty and style, bringing attention to the temples for people that want to be different and want to enhance their face with an artistic frame.

Each Ziggy frame is crafted from strong yet lightweight titanium stainless steel or acetate to accommodate her intricate designs in bright colorful varieties.

The exclusive Jean Reno collection is inspired by internationally renowned French actor, Jean Reno. The collection features a combination of vintage, artistic, structural and modern designs all marked by the style and sophistication of fame.

The best part of Zig Eyewear is that is it always changing, as Cendrine continually imagines and brings her artistic visions to life.