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Winter Dry Eye Syndrome

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Are You Suffering From Dry Eyes This Winter?
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A Major Health Complaint During The Winter Months Is Dry Eyes

Even though it is common to refer to winter as the rainy time of year because of the rain and snow, the air is really drier during the winter, which often causes your eyes to be more sensitive.

Our staff is available to help you find the most effective ways to keep your eyes hydrated during the dry winter season.

  • Prevent dryness by using a humidifier
  • Eye doctors recommend keeping the indoor environment moist during the winter months

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Precautions To Prevent Winter Dry Eye

It is important to shield your eyes from the harsh winds and stop evaporation of the tear film in your eyes.

  • Use A Hat With a Brim
  • Wear Sunglasses

If your symptoms become unbearable you may want to consider rewetting drops which may help relieve the irritating symptoms of dry eyes. Consult with your optometrist before you start using artificial tears to make sure they are the right solution for your symptoms.

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 Keep Your Contact Lenses Moisturized

Don't forget that if you use contact lenses it’s important to be extra cautious in the winter. Make use of rewetting drops as often as you can While you may not recognize it, lenses are like sponges and are required to remain hydrated to maintain their shape. Once they begin to dry out, the contacts can change shape and cling to your eyes, which causes pain and cloudiness. So let your contacts drink up…  and make sure to keep them lubricated this winter. With a little awareness and planning, you can stay clear of the hazards of the cold, dry weather and keep your eyes clear and moisturized throughout the season!

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